Watch Google Maps in 3D Perspective

Google has introduced a new 3D view feature in its Google Maps service. Named Earth View, this new viewing mode brings 3D perspective to Google Maps. This feature is pretty different from the Satellite view. This new Earth View feature would be available on the web browser only after installing this Earth Plugin. You can make the best of this Earth View to check out places like Pyramids of Egypts, the Taj Mahal, Opera House, the Great Wall of China and so on.

Google product manager Peter Birch noted in the blog post, "Earth view offers a true three-dimensional perspective, which lets you experience mountains in full detail, 3D buildings, and first-person dives beneath the ocean." New Earth View for Google Maps provides a fly-through interface. However, you might face some trouble viewing buildings from odd angles. Use the scroll wheel of the mouse to zoom in or out. To tilt the view from perpendicular to oblique, press and hold the Control key and drag map.

Earth View uses the same technology that has been used in the Google Earth application. The only thing that is different is that Google Engineers have made Earth View more fluid for the web browser to handle the 3D perspective.

Now, just for kicks, imagine what Google can do by combining existing Google Maps technologies. This means Google Earth View, Street View and Shop View will like take you places which you haven't even imagined. For instance you'd be checking out a fishing gear in Queensland based store while sitting in your house in Boston. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Let's see if Microsoft's Bing Maps can come up with something similar anytime soon.