Creating Frame by Frame Animation in Flash - A Wonderful Platform to search Coaching/Tutor Options

Founded by Archit Kumar, Abhishek Goel and Brhamesh Alipuria, is a listing and reviewing portal for all kinds of coaching institutes and home tutors.
Students have to search a coaching centre through word of mouth or take admission where their friends are studying.There is no platform where one can search for an institute or review one according to your experience. was launched in April 2014 and has currently over 1000 institutes, 200 tutors and 2300 students registered. One can search for law, engineering, medical, MBA, GRE, and TOEFL coaching in Delhi-NCR.
It has also launched the Kochings Dial-In Campaign, where institutes in the CAT, GRE and GMAT segments give huge discounts to students who enrol via the Kochings platform.
Kochings is trying to avoid/reduce the issue of 'planted reviews', by working on IP tracking to avoid fake reviews and also flag reviews that seem fake.
The services are free for students.

Get Ready for Windows 10

Scheduled to be released in 2015, Windows 10 will be the next version of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

In Windows 10, Microsoft has tried to strike a balance for every kind of user. 

Visit to download the Windows 10 Tech Preview. Must read and follow the instructions carefully before installing it on a computer. 
You can even join Microsoft in its Windows Insider Program, review the features of Windows 10 and give your ideas for improvement etc.