Phishing is a common form of Internet piracy.

The term is a variant of fishing, and alludes to baits used to "catch" financial information and passwords.

It is used to steal the personal and confidential information like bank account numbers, net banking passwords, credit or debit card numbers, personal identity details etc of customers. Later, the fraudsters may use the information for debiting money from the victim's account or use the victims debit/credit cards to make high value purchases resulting in huge bills or even worse, one could also become the victim of identity theft.

Phone Phishing (Vishing)

Not all phishing attacks require a fake website. Messages that claimed to be from a bank told users to dial a phone number regarding problems with their bank accounts. Once the phone number (owned by the phisher, and provided by a Voice over IP service) was dialed, prompts told users to enter their account numbers and PIN. Vishing (voice phishing) sometimes uses fake caller-ID data to give the appearance that calls come from a trusted organization.

Do's and Don'ts:

● NEVER verify your account information/Login or Transaction Passwords/ Debit or Credit Card details through an e-mail.
● ALWAYS CHECK if the URL of the login page starts with the text ‘https://’ and is not ‘http:// ‘ The 's' stands for 'secured' & its presence is very important indicating that the Web Page uses secured encryption
● Login with your User ID and Login Password only after verifying the above security details
● You may provide personal details over phone/Internet only if you have initiated a call or session and only after you have duly verified and authenticated the other party.

What to do if you have accidentally revealed password/PIN/TIN etc:

If you feel that you have been phished or you have provided your personal information at a place you should not have, please carry out following immediately as a damage mitigation measure:
● Change your password immediately
● Check your account statement and ensure that it is correct in every respect
● Report any erroneous entries to Bank.